1 million meals to be served to poor on Independence Day

Technology will be used to mobilize members who can in turn reach out to their leaders to actualize a hunger-free India.


New Delhi: One million meals will be served to the poor across the country on Independence day on August 15 under the new campaign launched jointly by a digital entertainment firm Pocket Aces and a volunteer body Robin Hood Army (RHA).

In this campaign, RHA volunteers will serve meals to one million Indians, and use technology to mobilize members who can in turn reach out to their leaders to actualize a hunger-free India, an official statement said.

The campaign called ‘MissionMillion2018 will be executed in four parts.

The first part include that over 16,000 RHA volunteers across 60 Indian towns and cities will manage field operations and serve meals to one million less fortunate citizens on August 15.

These meals will be served to orphanages, old-age homes, homeless people, and ailing patients across the country. Through its brand ‘FilterCopy’ that has 7 million followers across social media platforms, Pocket Aces has created a video to drive awareness about the hunger problem.

The four-hour long video released, already on the internet, aims to mobilize citizens to appeal to people across different fields to recognize and act on the hunger issue.

Thirdly, the RHA team has created a tech platform through which millions of viewers of the video can personally engage with a finite set of leaders and request them to realize and take a stand against hunger in the country.

That apart, the RHA has partnered at a local level with radio stations, billboard companies, media houses, and digital groups to mobilize local communities and spread awareness of the campaign all the way through to Independence Day.

In keeping with the RHA’s guiding principle, no funds will be raised for the mission – people who wish to contribute can simply share the video, tweet to the leaders, or join the mass food distribution on August 15.

“We are thrilled to partner with Robin Hood Army for this ambitious initiative of feeding 1 million less fortunate people this Independence Day,” Pocket Aces co-founder Aditi Shrivastava said.

The media company reaches out to more than 50 million people every week with its content and this gives immense power to influence how people think and act, she said.

“We’re committed to leveraging this power responsibly by spreading the word for the campaigan ‘MissionMillion2018’, and hope that it translates into true impact on the ground,” she added.

“The biggest act of freedom is serving one’s countrymen. #Mission1Million is an example of what can be achieved when the private sector and civil society work together with the best interest of the local communities at heart,” Robin Hood Army co-founder Aarushi Batra said.

The RHA is a volunteer team of young professionals and citizens who have taken to the streets in their free time to fight national hunger. The team collects surplus food from restaurants and distributes it to the less fortunate.


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