Mecedes Benz reinforces commitment to rural development


New Delhi: Mercedes-Benz India, a leading luxury car maker, has launched several rural development initiatives in Pune benefitting thousands of villagers.

An E-lab facility at ITI Ghodegaon, a watershed conservation structure at Thakarwadi-Landewadi and the Draw Down Cultivation project in Ambegaon taluka are the three projects started by the company under it’s CSR initiatives.

These three projects would have a positive impact on lives over two thousand villagers.

Santosh Iyer, Vice-President, Customer Services and Corporate Affairs, Mercedes-Benz India said, “As a responsible automaker and a conscientious corporate citizen, these novel initiatives of setting up an E-lab facility, renovating the water conservation structure and Draw Down Cultivation are just small steps towards helping the citizens of our country.”

The E-lab facility has the capacity to provide digital learning to 500 students per year.

In another project, the company has renovated an existing dam in village Thakarwadi near Landewadi near Manchar, Ambegaon taluka.

It desilted the dam and renovated the wall to gather more water. This project would benefit not only Thakarwadi but
also six other downstream villages.

To help tribals from catchment of Dimbhe dam of Ambegaon Taluka, the company has initiated the Draw Down Cultivation project.

“Draw Down Cultivation (cultivation on floodplains), is the type of farming where, the dam backwater seasonally recedes which makes the fertile and uncultivated land optimal for cultivation of short maturing crops,” the company said.

Around 400 families are expected to benefit from this project, which is developed by Pune based NGO Shashwat Trust.


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